South America’s Largest Competition: “Catad’Or 2023”: Top Award ‘Mejor Sake’ Given to “Nanbu Bijin Junmai Daiginjo Sinpaku Yamadanisiki”

The results of the sake category at South America’s largest competition, Catad’Or 2023, were announced, and awards were presented to outstanding brands.

The winning brands received certificates from the Catad’Or executive office, with Nambu Bijin Co., Ltd. being honored with the top prize and receiving a certificate and shield.

The awards were categorized into special gold, gold, and silver awards.
The special title of “Mejor Sake” was awarded to ‘Nanbu Bijin Junmai Daiginjo Sinpaku Yamadanisiki’ as the highest honor in the sake category.

Source: Mutual Trading Co., Inc.