Awaken your palate to the aroma and flavor of Japan Experience the traditional Japanese Spirit SHOCHU with original cocktails from top mixologists at 10 notable bars in Los Angeles


I LIVE IN JAPAN / Maria / Project manager, coordinator, interpreter, and translator

MAY 2023 (VOL.187) Maria What do you do in Japan? I have been involved in different projects in my 8 years of living in Japan.  My recent experience, for example, was working for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Right now, I am working in an international team, leading and coordinating projects, as well as interpreting and translating. What aspect of Japanese culture is interesting to you? I like everything about Japanese culture, but since I am interested in history, I like learning about Japanese history.  I have also learned about kimono and how to wear it, have been…

I LIVE IN JAPAN / Zak Holt / Translator, Project Manager

APRIL 2023 (VOL.186) Zak Holt Were you hesitant to relocate to Japan? No, I wasn’t.  I’ve been to Japan a few times beforehand, and I knew I didn’t want to stay in the UK, so I was rather excited to move to Japan.  For the most part, even if you don’t know Japanese, or have limited knowledge of Japanese, you can still get around and enjoy yourself a bit. What do you do in Japan? I work as head translator and project manager for Peak Japan, a crowdfunding team based in Tokyo, Japan.  We take mainly made-in-Japan and Japanese-designed projects…


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SUKIYAKI Omusubi | LA Musubi | Oishii Choice

LA Musubi  $18.00 SUKIYAKI Omusubi (310) 919-8919 |   15476 S. Western Ave. Gardena (Tozai Plaza) . From a wide variety of handy omusubi (rice ball) menu, LA Musubi’s recommendation is SUKIYAKI!  Sliced A5 Japanese Wagyu simmered with sweet original sauce and tofu are wrapped with rice and seaweed paper.  Easy but tastes just like a real Sukiyaki bowl, an authentic Japanese dish.  This satisfying omusubi can be perfect for grab-and-go lunch! . . . . .

Seared Octopus Sashimi | IZAKAYA HONDA-YA| Oishii Choice

IZAKAYA HONDA-YA  $15.95 Seared Octopus Sashimi (714) 832-0081  |  556 El Camino Real. Tustin . w/Ponzu sauce and Yuzu pepper on the top (6pc) From Japan Freshly delivered all the way from Japan.  You can enjoy Seared Octopus Sashimi imported from Japan at HONDA-YA.  The smell of seared would make you mouth-watering and Ponzu sauce with yuzu pepper elevates your sashimi experience.  It’s a great time to try raw octopus if you haven’t tried them yet before!  Come try this with your loved ones! . . . . .

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Beautiful Islands of Setouchi

Let’s Visit Them All!
“Setouchi Triennale” is a big festival that is held once every three years on the islands of Setouchi. Serving as a venue, each island has lots to see not only during the festival but also other times. Here we will introduce attractive aspects of the ten islands.