JAPAN FAN / Gary Bonart

APRIL 2019 (VOL.140)

Gary Bonart

Currently lives in:Santa Monica
Occupation: Actor
Loves Japan since 1970
Have you been to Japan?No, but soon.
Favorite Japanese Food:Katsudon
Favorite Japanese Item:Writing pens
Favorite Japanese Characters or People:Kanako Sakno (NHK)
Favorite Japanese Word:KATCHI KOCHI
A Japanese Name you wish to have:Edo
Favorite Japanese Spot in LA:Little Tokyo

Tell me little bit about you.

I am a “Screen Actors Guild” member for over 40 years. I have done many commercials for the Japanese market, including SONY, Suntory Aroma, Sapporo Beer, and Pepsi. In addition, I have been featured on such international series as “Hunter”, “Airwolf”, “Masquerade”, and 1 West Waikiki. It is in the plans to hopefully visit and work in Japan this year.

What inspired you to like Japan?

I respect for everything about Japan! I especially love their precious work and crafts.

Anything you think “cool” about Japan?

I admire Japanese people’s friendliness and willingness to help and serve.

Any memorable experience?

Once while I was eating and drinking sake in a tatami room in Little Tokyo. One of my friends left his wallet at the restaurant. The manager of the restaurant, somehow figured out where we were, and returned the possessions. The wallet returned as is, no cash or cards were missing. I heard even if you loose wallet or iPhone on a street of Tokyo, it returns safely.

Why did you choose “Edo” as your Japanese name?

The name “edo” is the former name of Tokyo. Even now, “edo” represents the good old days with a city vibrant with life of samurai. In addition, it sounds familiar, traditional, easily remembered. And as well my good friend is named Ed.

Any recommendation for JapanUp! readers to try?

Be kind and friendly to people you meet. Even if the language barrier is there… The Japanese have very good ability to understand in situations.

What is your ideal imaginary food that combines a Japanese and American dish?

“Katsudon Pizza” Who doesn’t like pork cutlet and pizza?

What Japanese word would you invent and what would it mean?

“Omagushi” = I’d like more sushi!