Oita Mugi Shochu “Nikaido” Arrives in the United States: Launching Flagship Products

Nikaido Shuzo is an Oita-based shochu brand that has led Japan’s shochu culture by succeeding in developing 100% barley shochu. They started selling “NIKAIDO Oita Mugi Shochu” and “NIKAIDO Kitchom” in the United States.

“NIKAIDO Oita Mugi Shochu” is made solely from carefully selected barley, barley koji, and pure water, while “NIKAIDO Kitchom” is the same mugi shochu aged over a year in a steel tank. Sales began in March in California and Nevada.

It is also available for online purchases. Don’t miss the chance to taste the original 100% barley shochu!

Nikaido Shuzo
Web: nikaidoshuzou.jp
Instagram: @nikaido.shochu