Experience the Epic 16th Century Japanese Civil War – “Castles in the Crimson Flame”

The award-winning Ensemble Tenshi brings their new epic play “Castles in the Crimson Flame” to The Broadwater Main Stage from June 15th!

Journey back to the warring Sengoku period when powerful lords battled for control of Japan. Through the eyes of the fierce Lady Yodo (also known as ChaCha), witness the dramatic struggle for power, desire, and survival amidst the raging civil war. The play is produced by a successful actress in Los Angeles, Tomoko Karina. 

This authentic period piece captures the grandeur of the era through costumes, dance, music, and combat scenes performed by a multi-ethnic cast. Experience authentic Japanese history with its original story in English! 

Don’t miss your chance to travel time to the Sengoku period of Japan with breathtaking performances.

“Castles in the Crimson Flame”
Hollywood Fringe Festival 2024
Dates: 6/15 Sat 11am, 6/16 Sun 4:30pm, 6/22 Sat 7:30pm  
Venue: The Broadwater: Main Stage, Los Angeles
Tickets: $25
Available at: hollywoodfringe.org/projects/10444?tab=tickets