MARCH 2020 (VOL.151)


Home country/state /city:Riga, Latvia


Were you hesitant to relocate to Japan?

I never hesitated to move to Japan because it was a new amazing experience. And I am also a soccer player’s wife so I’m used to moving from country to country, it wasn’t a big deal. Japan is not just like any other country, it feels like a different planet and I am so lucky to have that chance to spend this amazing time with my family in such a wonderful place!

How do you feel about raising children in Japan?

It’s different, especially Japanese schools. We were so surprised that most Japanese schools are so old and many of them don’t have any air conditioners. In Europe, most of the schools are modern and very well renovated, but Japanese schools remind me of the schools back in the 80s. And especially during the summer, the heat is so high, it’s very difficult for kids to do any activities during the day time!

Do you have a dream that you want to realize in Japan?

My biggest dream in Japan is my husband’s career success for sure!

What is the distinctive difference between Latvia and Japanese lifestyle?

Japanese people work too hard and even overworking. Latvians like short working hours and long holidays!

What do you miss about your maternal country living in Japan?

I love to take a walk in Latvia’s forest!

What do you find different about living in Japan over the term compared to when you first arrived or came as a tourist?

Coming as a tourist to Japan is absolutely different. When you actually live in Japan, you have to work hard!

What do you appreciate most about Japanese culture?

There are many things I love about Japanese culture but there is one that amazes me! And it’s Japanese kids obento! Some mothers wake up in the middle of the night to create a piece of art for their kids! It’s a way to show their kids how much the mother loves them! And Japanese kids’ obento is incredible! I wish I can make some. Once I tried to make rice balls as an Anpanman character for my daughter, it looked so easy to make, but I completely failed so I had to ask my Japanese friend to make obento for my daughter.

Which places in Japan do you recommend for foreigners to go to?

There are many peaceful places not far from Tokyo. We love to go to the mountainside to enjoy the hot spring. Hot springs cleans your body and your soul! And YOU MUST SEE SAKURA BLOOM in spring!!

What parts of Japanese culture do you recommend that foreign people try to experience?

I think the most beautiful traditional thing foreigners can do is to have a kimono photoshoot! It’s an absolutely amazing experience.

Are there any aspects of the Japanese culture or its people that you find bizarre or unique?

I know many married Japanese couples that sleep in different rooms! For Europeans, Russians and even Americans, I think it is weird! But it’s absolutely normal in Japan.

What are your favorite Japanese foods?

My favorite food is Tonkatsu and Japanese steak for sure! Meat in Japan is really delicious!

After moving to Japan, did you have any funny experiences?

Oh, I had some funny misunderstandings. I was taking my Italian friends to a restaurant and when they came to Japan for the first time! We ordered a bottle of champagne! And you know in Italian, to say a toast is something like ChinChin! That restaurant was full of people. Can you imagine other customers’ reaction when 6 girls on the same table loudly say CHINCHIN for celebration?

Would you like to continue to live in Japan for the rest of your life?

Well, everything is up to my dear husband. He is the planner, but at this moment I feel Japan is not our final destination and God only knows what awaits us in the future! And how others say – your home is where your family is.