KYOTO MARUHISA Kimono Exhibition & SALE Sept 3-4, 2022 FREE Admission!

Get your own Kimono from Kyoto, Japan 👘🇯🇵

KYOTO MARUHISA is going to hold an exhibition and sale in LA for the first time in three years.
There will be a lot of products that are in season in Japan now. Drop by to find your favorite Kimono/Yukata with a great deal!

16901 S Western Ave 2ND FL,Gardena, CA 9024

‣Sale Items‣
$30 Washable Kimono
$10 Yukata for any gender
$8 Kimono Tabi Socks
… and more! Limited items can be found only this weekend!

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■ Date and Time:9/3 Sat 12 p.m. ~ 6 p.m. 9/4 Sun 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.
■ Place:16901 S. Western Ave. 2 nd Fl. Gardena CA 90247
*Parking and entrance are in the back of the building

Kimono and Traditional Japanese Crafts from Kyoto, Japan.(former Kimono Kyokomachi)

Maruhisa Inc. is located in Kyoto, the most well-known tourist destination in Japan. Kyoto has a long established history with many temples, shrines and other ancient historic buildings. In the city Kyoto, our company was founded in 1988 to sell Kimono. Kimono is one of the most famous fashions in the world and we sell Kimono made all over Japan on our websites as well as in Kyoto and Tokyo stores. Kimono is a treasure of Japan with a history of more than 1000 years. It can be enjoyed not only at important ceremonies but also as daily fashion.