GINZA NISHIKAWA “SHOKUPAN” made with quality ingredients has just arrived in USA

The first store in the US is open now in West LA

Luxury loaves made of alkaline ionized water” 🍞

CEO Hitoshi Takahashi

I’m familiar with the West LA area because I used to live here when I studied abroad….

He founded the first GINZA NISHIKAWA store in Ginza, Tokyo in 2018 and since then his business rapidly spread all over Japan. There are 129 stores in Japan now and lots of Japanese are obsessed with “Shokupan” from GINZA NISHIKAWA.

GINZA NISHIKAWA proudly announced that they opened the store in West LA, which is the very first store outside of Japan. Celebrating their new start, JapanUp! interviewed Mr. Hitoshi Takahashi, CEO, about their secrets of Shokupan and their future goals.

We are located in the food complex called “COLONY” in West LA. To-Go and delivery are available. You can pre-order for pickup and also drop by the store for purchase during business hours. We have a partnership with COCO so we can deliver our SHOKUPAN to your door if you live within 2 miles of our store.

SHOKUPAN loaf (9”x4”x4”) is priced at US $18. Our premium white loaf bread SHOKUPAN is made of fresh cream, butter, honey, alkaline ionized water, and the finest Japanese blended flour. The ingredients make for a soft, light, and slightly sweet combination in texture and taste.

The secret to the loaf is pursuing the quality of water.

We only use proprietary water made in-house, which enhances the ingredients to create a unique bread with a slightly sweet, silky, and soft texture. My parents were Kappo cuisine chefs and I already knew that alkaline ionized water has a huge role in triggering Umami from ingredients. Keeping that in my mind, I came up with the first idea to make better SHOKUPAN by using alkaline ionized water. Since then, we finally created the ideal SHOKUPAN after years of research.

Pick-up & Delivery are available. You can pre-order from their official website for pick-up. Grubhub/DoorDash/COCO/Chownow are available for delivery. 

Since 2003, luxury SHOKUPAN went viral on the bakery scene in Japan. Compared to competitors, GINZA NISHIKAWA has been growing fast for the past 4 years ever since they were founded.

The reason behind this breakthrough is mainly because our rich SHOKUPAN has gained huge support from our customers. Also, we have a distinct identity that “GINZA NISHIKAWA” is from GINZA which is located in the center of Tokyo. At the entrance of every store in Japan, we have a curtain with “SHOKUPAN” printed on it and our shop bags are fancy enough to bring our SHOKUPAN as a gift.

Nowadays, SHOKUPAN has become a staple for the majority of Japanese. We would love to popularize SHOKUPAN in the USA like Sushi, Ramen, and Karaoke.

Ginza Nishikawa at Colony
11419 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025

Instagram: ginzanishikawa
Twitter: ginza_nishikawa

Business Hours 10AM – 10PM *Limited amount
Closed from Monday to Tuesday