Enter NOW for GIVEAWAY | ANNA SUI Loose Face Powder for Three Winners!!!


ANNA SUI Loose Face Powder
for 3 winners!!!

Creating the ultimate smooth and poreless skin

About this item

・The powder for creating the ultimate smooth and pore less skin is available in purple shade 200 and pink shade 300. Loose Face Powder is being renewed in an all-new formulation that allows you to create an even more smooth skin that is longer-lasting!

・It contains W Smooth Powder, a combination of camouflaging spherical powder and concealing plate-like powder for creating smooth skin without looking like you’re wearing heavy makeup.

・Anna Sui Loose Face Powder contains the ideal balance of three types of powder that blur and conceal irregularities on the surface of your skin, including texture, pores, and bumps.

・Purple powder is perfect for diffusing light and helps to tone down redness and blurs skin’s imperfections. Pink powder is effective for warming up your skin tone.

・Japanese-made quality.

Winners can choose one from options from two colors.

200 Purple

300 Pink

Puff and Case also come together!

Luxurious black glossy case is perfect for your dresser!

Powder puff is perfect for achieving a flawless finish. It’s soft and fluffy texture fits perfectly to your skin, allowing you to evenly spread the powder and create a smooth base without looking cakey.


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ALBION Garden Store & Cafe
1043 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
Sunday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Irregular holidays

ANNA SUI is available only ALBION Garden in-store(Not available online shop).

◆ GIVEAWAY entry due is Friday, December 15th, 2023.
◆ Please ensure that you have made arrangements to receive an email from [email protected] for the winner’s announcement.

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