Grand Opening of BOOKOFF AnimeLab Irvine

BOOKOFF is the largest chain of used bookstores from Japan. They don’t only sell used books though! They also sell manga, CDs, DVDs, video game consoles and games, Anime figures, and more. A new subset of BOOKOFF called AnimeLab is a specialty store that features all things Anime!

Do you want retro games and consoles? This is the place to be! You can say a miracle happened to me at BOOKOFF while looking for an obscure Anime video game from the series Miracle Girls which you can read here:

Maybe a miracle can happen for you!

They had so many new and vintage figures! I feel that this AnimeLab had the most rare Anime merch I have found so far out of all the BOOKOFF shops I’ve been to.

They had a whole wall of Vintage Sailor Moon plush!!! I bought a Japanese Sailor Mercury doll. This is my favorite AnimeLab now! I will be back very soon to pick up more.

I also found this PGSM Live Action Sailor Moon set with a bento bag, tote bag, shirt, and toothbrush. It was never opened. I’m a collector of Sailor Moon and love PGSM! So this was a must have for me!

All in all, it’s nice to have another AnimeLab location away from always  crowded Little Tokyo and Downtown Los Angeles! Please come visit!

Writer: Stephanie Yanez
Instagram @stephachu