On the Hunt for Obscure Retro Anime Games

In my never ending search for discovering Retro Anime, I started watching the Miracle Girls. I vaguely remember watching or reading the manga or both, but I definitely wanted to watch the series. I have been doing so and enjoying it immensely. Miracle Girls is a Magical Girl Japanese manga and anime released in 1993. Tokyopop licensed the manga for English release in North America. Also you can find online on a random Anime wiki that supposedly claims Miracle Girls was released with an English Dub that aired on Fox Kids in the States but it’s been up for debate if this wiki is actually true. Nowhere else online mentions anything about an English dub actually existing. And no one has ever uploaded or distributed this supposed English dub. 

It’s interesting to wonder – if Miracle Girls had the official US release that it deserved, more people would have loved this series and it wouldn’t be the obscure anime that it is today? It is a fun twist on the magical girl genre with both leading girls being identical twins that communicate with each other telepathically and can also teleport. From the looks of how much merchandise was released in Japan for Miracle Girls I would say that it was quite popular. But finding any merch from the series is really hard even online. 

So when I found out that Miracle Girls released a Super Famicom game in Japan for some reason I thought maybe just maybe I could find the game at my local Book Off. I knew it was going to be hard to find and nearly impossible to do so. So I headed over to the closest Book Off and started to game dive. I didn’t find it. Oh, you are asking what is Book Off? Book Off is Japan’s largest chain of used book stores and just my luck they have stores in the US with most of them right where I live. In addition to books they also have manga, anime figures, CDs, used video games, and more. But like I said before I’m super lucky to actually live by a lot of Book Offs. So even though the game wasn’t at the closest  Book Off to me I could still travel to the next closest location. So I get to the second location and start to game dive again. I’m going through every bin praying that this super obscure game would somehow appear. Maybe if I use my psychic powers like the Miracle Girls I could magically teleport the game into my hands. Well I’m here to tell you it worked. As I got to one of the last bins my fingers frantically searched and then a miracle happened. I found the game and it was a great price! I’ve been playing the game non-stop and it’s one of my favorite anime games now right next to my other favorite obscure anime game Wedding Peach. Thank you Miracle Girls! Keep it magic! 

Writer: Stephanie Yanez
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  1. Awesome article. I collect old anime games and I didn’t know this existed so it will go on my want list.

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