Backstage with Jpop/Anime Music Artist Stephanie Yanez at Anime Expo    

 ▲ Backstage at Lounge 21 before my concert.

Hi, my name is Stephanie Yanez. I’m a Jpop/Anime Music Artist that works with many Anime and Japanese companies. I had two concerts at this year’s Anime Expo. Being an industry music artist you get to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes at AX. And I just want to say I have a huge respect for the staff running the biggest Anime convention in the US. Even though so much is going on, each staff member was very attentive and made sure I was taken care of during the convention. 

▲ Getting ready for the sound check.

It is truly an honor to perform at Anime Expo again this year. I made my professional debut at AX in 2004 at a now defunct contest called AX Idol. When I won the contest the prize was 100 Jpop CDs. Days later I was approached by Geneon, now known as NBC Universal Entertainment Japan. I recorded at Paramount Studios and released music on an album that was sold at all major record stores with NBC Universal Entertainment Japan and Japanese label I’VE. Since my debut I have been performing at Anime Expo for years now. I even performed at their 15th Anniversary party! Now this year is AX’ 32nd Anime Expo! 

▲ window at the Industry Lounge.

During the convention a great place to relax for Industry guests was the Industry Lounge. I have been in the Anime and Japanese entertainment industry for years now so I was always running into a whole bunch of friends. I truly cherish all of my friends I have made in this scene. Friends that are doing amazing things in this industry and keeping the Anime love alive.

▲ At the Atsuko booth with Stephanie and Jonathan.

For both of my concerts I was wearing Atsuko. Atsuko is an Anime fashion brand that releases official Anime collections. At AX they just launched their new Pokemon line. This Pokemon collection is a throwback to the retro Pokemon games. You know, like the OG ones you would play on the Gameboy. I was in love with all the designs and super happy to wear the matching Pokeball shirt and shorts. Use my discount code STEPHACHU for 20% off at Atsuko:

▲ On stage with my avatar that was made in my likeness for gaming site TinierMe.

Another Anime Expo is in the books. I really want to say thank you to everyone that came out to my concerts and showed me support for this AX! I truly appreciate and cherish each year I have been performing and involved with Anime Expo. It’s been amazing to watch how much it has grown. I still remember what it was like in the early 2000s where I was one of the only girls at the con. Anime is mainstream now but I’m so glad to see everyone loving what I have loved all along. 

Writer: Stephanie Yanez
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