I LIVE IN JAPAN / Muthukumar K A

SEPTEMBER 2020 (VOL.155)

Muthukumar K A

From Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, INDIA


What do you study in Japan?

I do research on AI in healthcare. Mainly I work on fall detection and activity detection of old people and disabled people. I am developing a device that can be helpful for old people and disabled people using AI. In today’s world, AI plays an important role in everything. Especially in healthcare, tremendous growth has been achieved in recent years. So I strongly believe AI can change people’s lives.

Why did you choose to study in Japan out of all the countries?

I always wanted to go to Japan ever since I was a kid. I was so crazy about robots and other things. Japan has one of the world’s most advanced developments in robotics technology and AI. I strongly believe this because Japan has contributed so much to AI technology. I think Japan is the best place to learn new AI technology and invent more things useful to human mankind, which I hope I can contribute to through my skills.

What is the distinctive difference between the students in your home country and Japan?

In our country, students are very high level, and most of them become engineers. It’s highly competitive to get into a university in this field. Indian students mostly research theoretical concepts. But Japanese students mostly research application concepts.

What do you think about Japanese education compared to your country’s education?

In our country doing research is different from Japan, we do research on theoretical technologies, for example, we develop algorithm models, etc. And it’s very competitive to get into a university, because of overpopulation. Of course, India has the 2nd world largest population. In Japan, research is different. It is based on the practical application of development to society. I like this approach of research that makes it more interesting. Japan’s education system is almost similar to the Indian education system with small changes.


What do you find different about living in Japan over the term compared to when you first arrived or came as a tourist?

When I first arrived in Japan, I felt like I was in a different universe. I am a physically challenged person and every facility is very accessible and very convenient for me. I completely feel independent. Everything is on time! The rules and regulations are perfect and people are following strictly on rules. They are very kind and helpful.

Which place do you like the best in Japan?

I live in Yokohama and I love the place called Minato Mirai. It is so beautiful. I always go there to get some fresh air and refresh my mind. Also, it has very good restaurants and food etc.

What do you appreciate most about Japanese culture?

I appreciate that the Japanese people have so much respect for the Japanese language. I love that. I believe respecting your own language is very important and the Japanese culture has that. I love so many things such as Onsen, summer fireworks, Yokohama celebrate Pikachu day, etc.

Which places in Japan do you recommend that foreigners see?

Minato Mirai!! I also recommend Odaiba. Are there any aspects of the Japanese culture or its people that you find unique? I don’t feel anything different from Tamil nadu. Tamil culture is almost the same as Japanese.

What are your favorite Japanese foods?

Sushi, of course! And I like takoyaki, kimchi and abura soba.

After moving to Japan, did you have any funny experiences?

Yes, I took a Shinkansen which is an express train. My friends and I boarded on a shinkansen from opposite directions, I mean from Nagoya. We reached Kyoto. Then the ticket checker came and discussed a lot with us. We both didn’t understand, then we ended up paying double trip money.

Would you like to continue to live in Japan for the rest of your life?

Yes, I would like to live in Japan for the rest of my life. I love this country’s culture, people etc. especially obedience. Everyone follows the rules and respects each other. I love the Japanese way of lifestyle. The list would be very long. Japan is a fascinating country and the world would learn a lot from japan. And it is definitely 50 years ahead of the world in technology and culture. I want to share my Japan experience throughout the world.