Why Japanese Stores Succeed All Around The World


Both online and in cities, Japanese stores have been gaining popularity across the world. You can find them from Paris to Rio, and social media has pushed their reach even further to millions of users over the internet. These stores were all started in Japan, where they were a success and were able to expand to many other countries that they are found in today. Whether you are just looking to browse for items or have something specific in mind to purchase, these stores and their products can be a taste of Japan for those in other countries who can’t make the trip.


Flickr: Nelo Hotsuma

Daiso is a Japanese variety store that has over 2,272 stores overseas and even sells online. It began as a shop selling items for 100 yen, and although items in the store can range in price today, there is still a focus on providing low cost but still high quality goods to customers. Daiso stores hold a wide range of items, from stationary to clothes. For those interested in trying their hand at Japanese cuisine, products like bento lunch boxes and silicone onigiri holders could be a great find! Another useful find is the selection of erasers, which range from cute food and animal shaped ones to electronic ones to make writing easier. 


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Muji is particularly well known for its stationary goods, which have gained popularity on social media. Their gel ink ballpoint pens are a cult favorite, both for their simplistic design and writing quality. The online community has also turned an eye to several other items, such as air diffusers, which diffuse essential oils and other scents throughout a room, and their wall-mounted CD players, which hang on the wall like a clock to display the music being played. 

Aside from the products that have spread online, Muji sells a variety of products, from furniture to clothing. Muji is based on a principle of simplicity and quality, so many products and their packaging embody a clean-looking plain aesthetic with little extra decoration. Stores even have a snack section including a range of items from candies to sauces.


Uniqlo, a clothing apparel company, is well known for their casual and winter clothing. Keeping their clothes modern but not following trends that change every few months, Uniqlo’s motto is “Made for All”. Uniqlo sets itself apart in an era of fast, disposable fashion by offering basic clothing staples made with good quality and durability in mind. Most pieces feature solid colors or simple patterns. Their items don’t have any bold, visible brand logos, with the exception being their collaborations which feature popular characters. These collections, which are mainly graphic t-shirts with some other items, include characters from anime, manga, and video games such as Animal Crossing.

Whether you find these stores near you or decide to do some online shopping to explore the options, you can look forward to these Japanese stores and their products as they continue to spread across the world.


Writer: Nina Moothedath