SCANDAL WORLD SUMMER TOUR 2022 “MIRROR” North America Starts on July 9th


They formed a band in Osaka in 2006, and made a major debut with the song
“DOLL” in 2008. The following year, they won the Japan Record Grand Prix Rookie Award with
“Shojo S.” Their fans are all over the world, and the band does concerts in many countries
besides Japan.

Girls band, SCANDAL headline a North America Tour this summer 2022 and perform at nine
places, including Toronto -7/9, as their first stop, and Anaheim -7/22. The tour will be carrying
songs from their latest album “MIRROR,” released to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Four
members talked to us about how they feel now!


On this tour, we will play songs from the latest album “MIRROR” as well as “Kiss from the
darkness,” the previous album. The songs from “MIRROR” shows not only the aspects of us as
artists but also us as human beings since we made the album when we were spending our free
time in the pandemic. Through working on such an album, focusing on facing ourselves, and not
thinking too much about performing, I think SCANDAL has come deeper states in a great way.
“One more time” is a song that encouraged me very much when I was depressed because we
couldn’t do live performances due to the pandemic. The song taught me to stand up and play
music again. Four years ago, when I asked the audience at a concert venue in NY that “Anyone
who has been listening to our music for more than ten years?” There was one hand up. I was just
happy that there are people in the States who have been supporting me for a long time! I hope he
will come again this time.


I’m very excited to see fans at the performances on a tour after a long time, especially, since we
were not able to do a tour during the pandemic. I hope everyone’s gonna like our set list! The
album “MIRROR” is comprised of many songs that are based on the emotions that we had in our
lives during the pandemic, and songs that can be sung after we have gotten older. I had to face
and see through myself hard in the process of making this album so it reflects ourselves as a
bandman and as a human, like a mirror. For the song called, “Ainoshotai,” I love the lyrics and
melody written by TOMOMI that makes me smile, but also gets me tears up when I play. The song
reminds me that we have supported each other and walked together no matter what. The first-ever
tour that we did before we made our debut was actually in the States, not in Japan. I am still
grateful that people enjoyed us so much at the time.


It’s been a long time since I was on a world tour so I am SO EXCITED! We are thinking to perform
not only new songs from the latest album but songs from earlier days. During the difficult days of
the pandemic, there was the 15th anniversary as a band, and all of us faced ourselves and faced
SCANDAL. The album “MIRROR” might not be flashy and showy, but it’s a mirror-like album that
reflects us well. I’m really looking forward to performing the song called “Ainoshotai,” which
incorporates the gospel, in a land where many people are familiar with gospel music.
My memory in the US was when I played live in Seattle before I made my debut and I got an encore
from the audience for the first time in my life! I will never forget the excitement.


I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from fans from many countries every day, which kept me up
during the pandemic. So, this time, I want to deliver something to everyone on the tour. We made
the album “MIRROR” while facing ourselves and learning the importance of things around us.
Especially, the song called “Prism” is based on the idea that each person has different
personalities and qualities, and imperfectness should shine brightly. SCANDAL also is different
from other bands, and sometimes we are worried about it. When I was interviewed by CNN in
Anaheim, they asked me, “How are you gonna fight as a girls’ band while dance music is a trend
and popular nowadays?” It was exciting for me to really think deeply about those kinds of
questions, and that was the moment when I remember the song “Prism”. I want everyone to feel
the same. Love who they are and accept who the others are.


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