The Last Unicorn Screening at the Academy Museum 

I was invited to attend The Last Unicorn screening at the Academy Museum as a VIP guest. I have been creating content leading up the event to promote the screening on my social media like this makeup inspired look of the lead character Lady Amalthea.

Art curator, film collector, and creative consultant Caro Buermann and her company Sweet Streets have partnered with ITV Studios and Beagle’s team to reunite fans with his magical story. 

You are now probably wondering what does The Last Unicorn have to do with Japan? In short, The Last Unicorn was animated by the same animators from Studio Ghibli. 

The film was produced by Rankin/Bass which is an American company but all of the work was done in Japan. They outsourced to Japan because at the time it was cheaper. Most of the animation was done by a company called Topcraft. And after they finished The Last Unicorn they went on to work for Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. So that means most of the animators and designers who worked on The Last Unicorn became Studio Ghibli.

While watching the movie on the big screen restored I was able to see the beautiful background art in the film which only Studio Ghibli animators can truly do. It was beautiful and breathtaking and I was very honored to have been able to see the film like this. 

The Last Unicorn has a cult following and many attendees came dressed for the occasion. I was happy to get messages from my friends while promoting the event on social media who also love the movie and were interested in getting tickets. 

At the Academy store and online they are offering exclusive merch with art done by German artist Clarice82 and Taiwanese-American jewelry designer Onch. Onch was in attendance at the screening. I was very happy to see Onch and the beautiful designs in person. If you can’t get over to the Academy Store you can shop online right here:

Jewelry Designer Onch 

I also was happy to see Dan Avidan who is an American musician and comedian. He is one half of the musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party with Brian Wecht. Dan being a big fan of the film released his own rendition of the theme song from the film The Last Unicorn years ago to raise awareness to a US screening tour that happened in 2015.

If you have not seen The Last Unicorn yet and you are a fan of Studio Ghibli you must watch the film. Once again I was truly honored to see The Last Unicorn in the beautiful theater inside of the Academy Museum. With this screening and the celebration of the 40th anniversary did you think this was it? I have very good news! The Last Unicorn will have a special art gallery this December. You can find info about the upcoming art gallery here:

Writer: Stephanie Yanez
Instagram @stephachu