Dive into The World of Traditional Maki Sushi🍣

Enjoy Creating Your Own Special Maki Sushi with The Support of
Your Family and Friends!

At this event, you can make your own maki sushi under the guidance of Chef Vic.
Chef Vic is an executive chef specializing in sushi and has over 30 years of
culinary experience.
Maki sushi is a type of sushi. Also known as “nori rolls,” it is made by rolling
vinegared rice and ingredients in a seaweed sheet, similar to a roll cake.
One of the great things about Maki sushi is that it lets you try a variety of ingredients
in one bite.
Maki sushi is a traditional dish in Japanese homes. Even beginners can enjoy
making it and eating it with confidence!

🗓 Dec 10, Sat 5:00 pm
Dec 18, Sun 5:00 pm

📍 Penny Oven (2131 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041)
🎫 $59

🔗 https://cocusocial.com/newevent/2J0ITYNdn_Los-Angeles_Make-Your-Own-Su