Five Japanese Food & Drink Trend You Should Know | 2023

In recent years, with Generation Z at the forefront, food and drink trends in Japan have changed in a short span of time. Recent trends include aesthetic sweets that attract people’s attention on social media such as Instagram and TikTok. There are also many health-conscious products. Usually, such trendy foods and drinks are sold in various restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores across Japan, and many people enjoy the novelty.

Here are 5 foods and drinks that have been trending all over Japan in 2023.

Canelé (Cannelé de Bordeaux)

Canelé is a traditional French pastry made with simple ingredients: egg yolk, butter, milk, cake flour, sugar, and rum. Its surface is crunchy, and the inside is moist, making it popular for its uniqueness. Simple canelés like the one in the photo are popular, but those topped with chocolate, fruit, nuts, and matcha powder are especially popular among the younger generation. 

Various convenience stores have been introducing canelé and related products, making it easy to get them. Also, canelé specialty stores open in various places, and its popularity will continue in 2023.


Maritozzo is a traditional Italian dessert consisting of a brioche bun filled with whipped cream. Its voluminous and unique look made it popular on social media, especially in the first half of this year. Same as canelés, simple maritozzos, as well as those topped with pistachio, chocolate, and fruits were sold at convenience stores and bakeries nationwide.

Yakult 1000

Yakult is widely sold here in Los Angeles, but its new product, Yakult 1000, has been especially popular in Japan since 2022. The number and the density of bacteria called “Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota” contained in Yakult 1000 are the highest ever, and they are scientifically verified to be effective in relieving stress and improving the quality of sleep. Product development and marketing focused on the sleep and stress of modern people have been very successful, and even today, it continues to be in short supply everywhere. 


Oatmeal is familiar in the United States, but it is still not well known in Japan. This year, it has become popular among health-conscious people and many recipes have been shared on the Internet. Recipes such as risotto, porridge (okayu,) okonomiyaki, and fried rice are posted a lot. It is often used as a substitute for white rice, the main staple food in Japan, as it is healthier and richer in nutrients. Now you can easily get it at any grocery store. 

Asahi Super Dry draft beer can mug

This alcoholic drink, which was released by Asahi Breweries in 2021, is a unique product in which the beer foam naturally rises when the lid of the can is opened. 

With the COVID-19 crisis continuing, it was difficult to freely go to an izakaya and order draft beer. However, this product made it possible to enjoy an authentic beer at home. It became very popular all over Japan, and in 2021, production could not keep up with that popularity, and sales were temporarily suspended. It has finally started to be sold normally this year. The shortage situation still continues, but its popularity will continue next year as well.

Above are 5 foods and drinks that were popular in Japan this year. Were there any trending products that you would like to try?