HOKKAIDO RAMEN FESTIVAL will be held in Mitsuwa Marketplace Hawaii Waikiki

Enjoy the authentic ramens from HOKKAIDO in Hawaii from 4/28 until 7/30

Get ready Hawaii!! The hot ramen vendors from Hokkaido in Japan are coming soon🍜

Every 2 weeks, you will meet the 3 different ramen vendors in Mitsuwa Marketplace Hawaii Waikiki from April 28 until July 30 and enjoy their unique and authentic ramen. Each bowl will be served for $10~ and one-hour free parking will be validated for the customer. Immerse yourself in the taste of Japanese craftsmanship from Hokkaido.

[The first vendors 4/28~5/11 ]

Want to know more about HOKKAIDO RAMEN FESTIVAL in HAWAII 2023? Visit their website below!

Misuwa Marketplace Hawaii Waikiki

2330 Kalakaua Ave #250, Honolulu, HI 96815

Official Instagram