IKIGAI FRUITS delivers Japanese fruits to your home in the U.S!

IKIGAI FRUITS have started!

Japanese growers wholeheartedly produce the world’s most delicious fruits with their skillful techniques and careful cultivation methods. On September 25, “IKIGAI FRUITS,” an online store for Japanese fruits, was launched, fully embodying this “ikigai”. It is operated by Wismettac Foods Co.
“IKIGAI FRUITS” has created a system that enables top-quality fruits with beautiful appearance and exceptional taste to be flown in from production areas throughout Japan and delivered fresh to homes in the United States. This innovative effort is aimed at opening up overseas markets and providing new hope for Japan’s declining agricultural industry and the hard-working producers who work hard every day to make it happen.

Premium quality strawberries, melons, persimmons, pears, mandarin oranges, etc.
Premium quality strawberries, melons, persimmons, pears, mandarin oranges, etc.

“IKIGAI FRUITS” premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival!

IKIGAI FRUITS’ efforts caught the attention of Hollywood producers. On October 6, the film “A Man”, winner of the 2023 Japan Academy Prize, was screened at the TCL Chinese Theater. Lead actor Satoshi Tsumabuki appeared on stage for the screening, which was attended by a large number of people from the film industry and others. At the VIP party held at the Japan House Los Angeles, IKIGAI FRUITS were introduced and tasted, and industry professionals enjoyed the Japanese fruits, being impressed by their beauty and mellow aroma.

Gorgeous boxes of strawberries and melons caught the eyes of many at the party venue.
The 2.948 kg Giant “Atago Pear,” produced in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, achieved a Guinness World Record in 2011. The pear’s size, larger than a Halloween pumpkin, came as a surprise to those in attendance!
The Ikigai Fruits team also appeared on the red carpet! Showing off the logo on the back.

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