Discover Japanese Beer

Eventhough Japan is famous for sake, Japan is a beer drinking country. Dinner always start with beer! With carefully selected ingredients, Japanese beer has been made to a rich, bitter, first-rate taste, with an irresistible aroma, and refreshing after-taste that will blow away your stresses with just one sip!

The Best Way to Pour Beer

Japanese beer has more foam?  We usually think less foam means less bitter and we are getting more of what we paid for.  But in Japan, people prefer to have more than an inch of foam.  The beer foam affects the taste of the beer.  By creating a lid on top of the beer with the foam, it prevents the beer from losing the flavor when oxygen reaches it and it also prevents the carbon fizz from escaping.

Here is the most ideal way of pouring beer into a mug and create silky smooth foam:

Tilt the glass to 45 degrees and begin to pour the beer. When pouring from a bar tap, stick the spout into the mug so you can start from the middle of the glass. Fill the glass halfway to the top.

Once the glass is a little more than halfway full, continue pouring while gradually raising the cup so that it will be perpendicular to the table.

Complete the pour by leaving about 1/2 inch of foam at the top. The ideal beer mug should have a beer to foam ratio of 7:3.

Here are some JapanUp! recommends!

Asahi Super Dry / Asahi Super Dry 0.0%

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The Premium Malt’s

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