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Hello and welcome readers, I am talking about Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen in Rosemead. The other location I have dined at was the location in Little Tokyo. Their menu has ramen, toppings to add to your ramen, lunch specials, and side dishes. I like eating hakata ramen noodles from Shin-Sen-Gumi.

At this restaurant, they give you a piece of paper where you can customize your ramen. They have a picture menu if you want to know what other dishes look like. The customization I go with is soft noodles, normal soup oil, and normal saltiness. You can circle what you don’t want to be in your ramen order like no green onions, and no ginger. At most visits, I do that and keep the sesame seeds and chashu pork.

Occasionally, I add in a topping or two. My favorite toppings are the poached egg and spicy miso. There is an option to order a kaedama, where you can order extra noodles. From the Rosemead location, I usually order take-out. I have yet to dine there, but I hope to visit with friends soon.


As per my usual order, I ordered the Hakata ramen. You get sesame seeds, pickled ginger, green onions, and two slices of chashu pork on top of the ramen noodles. Soup is in a separate container, and you can put them together in one bowl at home. They had given us a small piece of paper with directions on how long to heat up the soup. That is helpful. Once the ramen and soup are put together, I microwaved them for under a minute. The ramen was delicious as always. I like getting the soft noodles, however, their normal ones are just as good.

The lunch specials I have gotten with my family are the C Combo and the G Combo. The C Combo is Hakata ramen and ½ Takana fried rice. The G Combo is the Hakata ramen and the beef rice bowl. Some toppings I have seen on the menu are bean sprouts, extra chashu, garlic miso butter, seared pork belly, shredded seaweed, and wakame seaweed. Certain toppings cost more than others. I need to try some of these toppings next time. They have other locations in Gardena, Fountain Valley, Irvine, and West Los Angeles.

The address is 8450 E. Valley Blvd. #103, Rosemead, CA 91770.
You can find their menu and their hours on this website; https://shinsengumigroup.com/



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Writer: Tribecca Ing
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