【Recommend Restaurant】Shin-Sen-Gumi-Yakitori & Chanko(新撰組): Yakitori

When you are having a difficult time deciding what to eat, you can never go wrong with Shin-Sen-Gumi-Yakitori & Chanko restaurant. This restaurant is part of a family chain of restaurants that also specialize in other Japanese cuisine including ramen and shabu-shabu.

Here, this Shin-Sen-Gumi restaurant specializes in yakitori. For those who are unaware, yakitori is grilled meat, vegetables or seafood served on a skewer and it is very delicious. The menu at this restaurant offers many different combinations of food.



For lunch, I chose the SSG combo which I believe is a fabulous choice with a very reasonable price. The SSG combo includes fried fish, chicken karaage, rice, salad, chicken thigh yakitori and meatball yakitori with a side of miso soup. Furthermore I ordered pork belly from the yakitori menu. 

The fried fish is very crispy with soft tender fish on the inside. I was provided with two pieces of fried fish which were fresh and crunchy. There was tartar sauce to complement the fried fish which made it. I asked for a side of yuzu-kosho which perfectly complements the fried dishes. The chicken karaage was also very tender and had a nice fried coating over it. It was very juicy and a great protein in the combination. I found the portions of the dish to be very reasonable.



There was also chicken thigh yakitori which consisted of light charcoal-grilled chicken thigh with pieces of green onion in between. I found the chicken to be flavorful with a nice charcoal taste to it. The meatball yakitori was also delicious.


I would certainly recommend anyone to try the green salad because the salad dressing is absolutely great-tasting. Furthermore, the miso soup is fresh and very hot.



I enjoyed it so much that I decided to have an extra serving of it. Finally, I ordered the pork belly which was very juicy. This restaurant offers many other yakitori dishes which can be ordered from their yakitori a la carte menu. You can even watch the yakitori being cooked in front of you. How fun and delicious!

Shin-Sen-Gumi Website: https://shinsengumigroup.com/


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Writer: Hector Hsu