Find SOY SAUCE Remen near me! The Best Ramen List in LA 2022

May 2022 vol. 175


Seasoned with soy sauce, shoyu ramen has clear, brown broth. It is the most common flavor offered by almost all ramen restaurants across Japan.


The most popular ramen at RAKKAN. Made with 100% plant-based broth, traditional Japanese soy sauce and UMAMI sauce, consisting of the essence of dried bonito and sardines.


DTLA / Long Beach / Redondo Beach

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Hachioji Shoyu Ramen

Nostalgic taste of Tokyo-style ramen. Savory soup made with chicken stock with special blend soy sauce. Slices of homemade roasted duck are on top. The combination of minced onions and flavored oil brings out their aroma and sweetness even more.

Hachioji Craft Ramen

(213) 265-7799 | 313 E. 1st St. Los Angeles

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Kombu Ramen (VEGE🌱)

One of the most popular WAFU-DASHI soup with their special sauce is use for the Kombu Ramen. Umami-rich yum sea kelp, sour plum, and yuzu chili give good kick in to it. This is one of popular vegan menu item.

Kashiwa Ramen

(657) 232-0223 | 1420 Baker St. #C, Costa Mesa

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Kitakata Ramen

Classic Kitakata ramen. Clear yet flavorful soup is made with pure umami extract of carefully selected pork bones. It’s not oily, so you can enjoy till the last drops. Their signature “Toro-
Chashu” pork slices are prepared every few hours every day.

Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai

(714) 884-3124 | 18884 Brookhurst St. Fountain Valley

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