Find Tukemen & Soupless Remen near me! The Best Ramen List in LA 2022

May 2022 vol. 175

つけ麺 & 油そば Tukemen & Soupless

Categorized under ramen, Tsukemen is a type of noodles with cold (or hot) soup on the side for you to dip. The soup is normally flavored stronger than regular ramen. Just a few years ago, there were many people who never had Tsukemen before, but now, Tsukemen specialty restaurants are making appearances as well as many variations such as vegetable potage. Keep your eyes open for new creations!

Recently in Japan, ramen without soup is making an appearance. It called “Abura Soba” or “Maze Soba”. The three components of ramen – soup, noodle and toppings – are all tossed together equally presenting their existence, featuring the flavor you could not have tasted before. You will mix soy sauce based sauce, vinegar, and oil. Although you are adding vinegar, the overall flavor is mild and not tangy at all. If you prefer light taste, you can add extra vinegar to your bowl. Would you call this a creation by obsession of Japanese chefs or a non-traditional invention?

ANNEX Dry Style Ramen

Aka. Maze Soba: this special no soup dish is an umami bomb of mushroom and pork. Topped with char siu pork, vegetable mix, fried onions, green onion, onikasu, lemon, and poached egg. Mix well and enjoy!

Tsujita ANNEX

(310) 231-0222 | 2050 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles

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Char Siu Tsukemen

Slowly simmered the tonkotsu soup for 60 hours then add the seafood for wetness and thick tastiness. Its bold tastes perfectly match with thick noodles. Sliced char siu pork is juicy and tender. You can add “soup wari” to your soup for free.


(310) 231-7373 | 2057 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles

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Dipping Noodle

AKA. Tori Tsukemen. Enjoy dipping fat chewy noodles into the rich creamy chicken paitan broth with bonito flavor. The dipping soup is thicker than other ramen soup. You can request either warm or cold.

Kashiwa Ramen

(657) 232-0223 | 1420 Baker St. #C, Costa Mesa

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Tsukemen dipping noodles are served warm soup and cold noodles. The rich dipping soup made with blend of seafood and pork bone broth. The thick noodles are smooth texture yet well entangled in the soup.

Umenoya Ramen Co.

(310) 530-3177 | 24222 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance