AsaYoru Maid Cafe @Anime Expo 2022 SneakPeak Report by JapanUp!

JapanUp! is proudly pleased to introduce Japanese companies that liven up Anime Expo 2022 in Los Angeles! Before we celebrate the event in July, Let’s get to know well about the vendors and be ready for having an amazing time there!

JapanUp! Featured Japanese Brand #3 : AsaYoru Maid Cafe


Located in Arcadia, Asayoru is LA’s only brick-and-mortar Maid Cafe. Aiming to bring the Akihabara experience to LA, they serve cute and delicious food and drinks with moe moe maid magic! With the magic in maid’s hearts, they hope to bring happiness to their mundane everyday life!

At Anime Expo, Asayoru sells maid themed stickers, keychains, and apparel designed by their own maids! But more unique and best selling merchandise are decorated polaroids, or better known as チェキ Chekis! You can take a polaroid photo with one of the maids, and they decorate it with paint pen on the spot. Every polaroid is unique and different, so it’s a very fun souvenir for guests📸💓

AsaYoru Maid Cafe will do…

AsaYoru hope to showcase our physical location to guests and invite them to experience our “omotenashi”, welcoming hospitality. You can interact with friendly maids and take chekis, and the maids might even decorate the cheki a certain theme if you talk to them about your favorite anime or animal!

Let’s go visit their booth #2922!

Cheki image📸

”Moe Moe Kyun💓”


They’re always excited to talk to customers about AsaYoru maid cafe! There are many misconceptions about maid cafes and they love the opportunity to spread knowledge of what their maid cafe is truly like. Maids also love talking to patrons about the newest anime of the season, video games, and even metal music! Each maid is unique and different and we’re confident our guests would be able to click with one AsaYoru maid.

Messages from AsaYoru Maid Cafe

Asayoru Cafe is open to guests of all genders and ages, and we hope to show our guests an unforgettable magical dining experience! You can try classic Japanese dishes with a magical twist here, like Karaage and Omurice! We decorate your plates with ketchup or chocolate syrup, and cast magical spells to change the color of your drink. There are also fun games, live dance performances, and cute souvenir polaroids for guests to take home! We hope you’ll give us a try, and hope to serve you soon!