SEGA @Anime Expo 2022 SneakPeak Report by JapanUp!

JapanUp! is proudly pleased to introduce Japanese companies that liven up Anime Expo 2022 in Los Angeles! Before we celebrate the event in July, Let’s get to know well about the vendors and be ready for having an amazing time there!

JapanUp! Featured Japanese Brand #6 : SEGA

SEGA CORPORATION is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company offers a variety of game contents for console, PC, wireless devices including planning, development, sales and operation, and amusement machine including planning, development and sales. Moreover, it provides game content developed by studios in countries around the world through global publishing bases.

SEGA will do…

SEGA has commissioned one-of-a-kind art that will be displayed all weekend at Anime Expo 2022 in Los Angeles. The gallery will also feature concept art, figurines, and additional artwork commemorating PSO2’s recent milestones.  

…… you don’t really know “PSO2″🫢?, Let’s get into it with us!

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is a free-to-play online action RPG game by SEGA. Set 1,000 years after the events of Phantasy Star Online 2, PSO2: NGS takes place on Halpha, a planet on which ARKS (soldiers of the Oracle colony fleet in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series) are locked in a battle for dominance against the mysterious DOLLS.

PSO2: NGS features new and improved action combat and character customization, allowing for more flexibility and expression than ever before. Choosing from four unique races and eight classes, players can join forces with other operatives to experience unforgettable battles and boss fights in brand new locales, with an emphasis on flowing, flashy mobility to conquer and explore sprawling open environments. Players will be able to do all of this with friends on both PC (Steam / Windows 10 / Epic Games Store) and Xbox One thanks to cross-platform play.

Players can play nine years of content inPhantasy Star Online 2and join the newest entry to the series,Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. Explore Kvaris, the new snowy region and continue the PSO2: NGS story in Chapter 3! Download and playPhantasy Star Online 2 New Genesison PC and Xbox One for free today.

PSO2 NGS Twitter @play_pso2

PSO2 NGS Instagram

At AX 2022 in Los Angeles, a limited selection of PSO2: NGS merchandise, including shirts and badges, will be available for purchase; these items are exclusive to Anime Expo and ARKS Expo in Japan.

There will be a SEGA photo booth(#3306) that will transport Anime Expo attendees into the world of PSO2:NGS!


 Booth visitors will receive codes to redeem special in-game items like ARKS Expo shirts, a mag form, an emote, and a sticker:) You can’t miss out!

Messages from SEGA

The SEGA team looks forward to meeting you at Anime Expo 2022!