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June 2022 (vol. 176)


Movie “Laid-Back Camp”

“Laid-Back Camp” depicts the daily adventures of a group of high school girls enjoying the great outdoors. Actual campsites and scenic spots in Yamanashi, Shizuoka, and Nagano prefectures are the stage for many of their adventures, allowing readers to revel in the beautiful Japanese scenery along with them. The original manga, drawn by artist Afro, stoked a camping trend after its serialization in 2015. Some six million copies have been sold since then. The first TV anime series aired in 2018, and sequel “SEASON 2” in 2021. The live-action TV series kicked off in 2020. The first movie is slated for release in July 1, 2022.

Movie “Suzume no Tojimari”

The newest work from Makoto Shinkai, the director of “Your Name.” and “Weathering with You,” is a road story of the liberation and growth of 17-year-old girl Suzume, who is fated to close the “doors of disaster.” The movie takes place in various abandoned sites throughout Japan. The unusual scenery, encounters, and farewells between her and other people, and a string of surprises and adversities intertwine to tell the tale of “closing doors” connecting the past, present, and future. It will hit theaters nationwide in November 11, 2022.

Movie “Slam Dunk”

“Slam Dunk” is a bestselling basketball manga that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1990 to 1996. The story follows the growth of the protagonist Hanamichi Sakuragi and his friends. Over 120 million copies of the series have been sold in Japan. Its popularity triggered a spike in the number of boys and girls who began playing basketball, as well as the creation of a TV anime work and a video game. The much-anticipated anime film, set for release in autumn 2022, will be written and directed by original manga author Takehiko Inoue himself.

Movie “Bubble”

In Tokyo, after gravity was destroyed by a shower of bubbles over the world, the thoughts of a boy and a girl intertwine. Directing the film is Tetsuro Araki of “Attack on Titan,” while Gen Urobuchi of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” wrote the script and Takeshi Obata of “Death Note” worked on the original character design. It is an epic, “gravity-action” movie made by Japan’s best creators. It was released in theaters on May 13, 2022, and is now available worldwide on Netflix.

Backflip!! : The Movie

“Backflip!!” (as known as “Bakuten!!”), a TV anime work depicting the members of a dynamic, men’s rhythmic gymnastics team, will soon be adapted into a movie. The story follows Shotaro Futaba, a member of the Soshukan High School (also known as Ao High) men’s rhythmic gymnastics team. Pursuing

his dreams with his friends at his side, he encounters unique seniors and rivals along the way. As a continuation of the anime series, the movie centers on the inter-high school tournament. It is set for release in July 2022.

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