It’s A Month Of Hydrangea!!! Hydrangea Myth!

As you must know, the Japanese love nature and during the period June – July, it is the turn of the essential colorful hydrangea that you will find everywhere in public parks, roadsides and in temple gardens and shrines.

photo by Jacky De Greef
photo by Jacky De Greef

A flower that to be beautiful needs water and that’s good since it’s the rainy season in Japan.

Their colors depend on their location chosen by the owner of the place and according to the event he offers to the visitor.

This can range from night visits to temples and shrines with illumination, tasting hydrangea-flavored pastries or simply daytime walks in parks…


In Tokyo, you have Hakusan Shrine and its nearby park, home to an impressive ajisai (hydrangea) festival, with 3,000 flowers in varying shades of purple and blue.

The Mimuroto-ji garden in Uji or thousands of flowers representing more than fifty species of hydrangeas.

In Kyoto, you can visit Yoshimine-dera, Umenomiya Taisha and in Ohara the Sanzen-in temple.

In Kobe, the Kobe Municipal Arboretum garden, with its Botanical Garden, which covers more than 142 hectares on Mount Rokko that you can visit all year round where each season has its colors.

photo by Jacky De Greef
photo by Jacky De Greef

Other places like Shizuoka, Kurobane…

For the record, it was in Nagasaki during the period of isolation of Japan that the German doctor Siebold came as a researcher in natural sciences.

Where he collected, studied many plants during his stay in Japan.

One day, he presented a beautiful hydrangea to the citizens of Nagasaki, which he named “Otaukusa” which is the name of the Japanese woman he loved.

photo by Jacky De Greef

Through his love for a beautiful Japanese girl, he made the hydrangea more romantic…

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