Why Demon Slayer is Easy to Follow

Demon Slayer, or in Japanese Kimetsu no Yaiba, has been one of the most popular anime of the last few years. The story follows its protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado and his journey after his family is slain by demons and his sister turned into one. Tanjiro joins the demon slayer corps, meets other demon slayers, and undergoes immense training to achieve his goal of finding a cure for his sister, Nezuko, to return to being a human. Tanjiro never loses sight of who he is in his journey and always shows kindness and mercy to those who deserve it.

Demon Slayer can be on Netflix, however only Season 1 is available. On sites like Crunchyroll, Season 1, the movie Mugen Train, as well as the recently aired Season 2 are available. Demon Slayer is applauded for its characterization and character development, but especially for anime viewers, Demon Slayer is recognized for its amazing animation. Demon Slayer is considered to have one of the best animations, courtesy of the animation studio Ufotable. Mugen Train in 2021 made it to the theaters in the United States and received positive reception. I personally watched it twice in theaters. 

Demon Slayer’s source material is a manga with 23 volumes. It falls under a couple genres such as action, adventure, fantasy, and shounen. Shounen is a Japanese genre that means the media is generally marketed and more popular with teen or young adult males. Shounen generally has lots of action, something Demon Slayer does not disappoint in.

Some of my favorite parts of Demon Slayer are indeed because of the high amounts of actions. Tanjiro and others must fight demons, sword against demon. Each of the demon slayers are master swordsmen with different techniques so each fighter is unique. Tanjiro is pictured on the left using a water breathing technique. The animation shines in bringing out the different techniques in all of their beauty. It is captivating watching them. Each of the demons are also unique and each have different powers as well. Characters often need to be creative in order to win fights.

Demon Slayer is something I would definitely recommend to anyone, a veteran anime watcher or somebody that is new to it. Its episodes are less than 30 minutes long and are easy to follow. And I personally found the anime to be enjoyable and captivating. It is not all just fighting. The characters are all unique and have different backstories that help mold them into who they are. There are moments of sadness where I have shed tears as the viewer, and moments of humor in which I laughed. Despite it being animated, there is plenty of gore in the form of blood and many chopped off limbs. I would recommend at the earliest, middle school age children though it depends on parents. I give the anime itself a 9/10 rating as it is easily one of my favorites. I also recommend checking out the manga too! The manga is already complete and fully translated into English and available in many different stores that sell Japanese literature.

If any of these things appealed to you, you should check it out! Demon Slayer fits the mold for someone into high quality action scenes, someone who enjoys watching the journey of someone becoming stronger, and of course someone who enjoys the beautiful animation of this series. 

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Writer: Timothy Jung