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“Local Power Japan Project” Kyary Pamyu Pamyu × Little Tokyo

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is on the biggest tour of her career at 30 locations nationwide. In the past few years, many people around the world have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. The “Local Power Japan Project” has been launched with the thought, “What can we do to cheer up those people and the people from local regions?”
The purpose of this project is to bring energy to each local region by raising national attention and delivering information to a large number of people through collaboration between Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and locals who are dedicated to local products, working in local facilities, etc.
In April of this year, she performed at “Coachella”, one of America’s largest music and art festivals. She also held her first solo performance for the first time in four years at the Fonda Theatre, which has become a hot topic.
Just like Japan, “Little Tokyo” has also been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, so we talked with the Japanese Consulate staff, and made the “Local Power Japan project in LA” a reality.

Local Power Japan project

This project is a new attempt to revitalize the local community by collaborating with companies representing each prefecture where the performances will be held and the creative worldview Kyary has been conveying for the past 10 years.
We collaborated with “Little Tokyo”, the largest Japan Town in the United States, which was established in the downtown of Los Angeles at the end of the 19th century. Kyary has a collaboration logo with Little Tokyo, a famous tourist destination known for its retro Tokyo atmosphere. The logo’s design pays homage to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s first revolutionary album “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution”, known to be the starting point of her career. The design illustrates Kyary’s favorite shark decoration on top of the “Yagura tower”, a symbol of Little Tokyo, making an impactful impression. In addition, collaboration products have been launched for sale at multiple stores in Little Tokyo for a limited time.

Summer Festival “MATSURI” Nisei Week is Back! Aug. 13~21st

After two years of virtual experiences, the Nisei Week Japanese Festival will take place – in person – Aug.13-21. Every year, thousands of locals join the downtown Los Angeles. This is one of the nation’s longest running ethnic festivals of its kind. The festival showcases free Japanese cultural events, activities and exhibits, including music and entertainment, food, and fun spanning two weekends.

Parade Shikoku Dancers © KevinKuromi
Girl Dancer © ToyoMiyatakeStudio

Aug. 13 (Sat) 2022 Nisei Week Queen

Find out at the Nisei Week Queen Coronation at 3 p.m., at the Aratani Theater. (theater tickets $85, aloha attire)
Nisei Week Car Show
Car Show will be held at the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple parking lot, admission is free.

Aug. 14 (Sun) Grand Parade

Routed through the streets of Little Tokyo, the Grand Parade will begin at 4 p.m. The parade will include Japanese traditional dancers, Japanese taiko drums, Haneto dancers preceded by a Nebuta float, and special guests and honorees, including Grand Marshal George Sugimoto and Parade Marshals Olympic ice dance skating medalists Maia and Alex Shibutani, and Honorary Parade Marshal Kellyn Acosta, member of the United States Men’s National Soccer Team and Los Angeles FC.

Parade © MarkShigenaga

Aug. 20-21 (Sat & Sun)

Plenty of entertainment such as martial arts and activities will be available for the entire family at the Plaza Festival held at the Japanese American Community and Cultural Center (JACCC).
Additionally, free cultural exhibits such as bonsai, calligraphy, Ikebana, and more will be on display both days, at the JACCC. In addition, the Taiko Gathering will be held on Sunday, at the JACCC Plaza.

Aug. 20 (Sat)

Experience a Nisei Week food event, sponsored by Day-Lee Foods, and will include local chefs as well as a beer and sake garden.

Aug. 21 (Sun) Ondo Street Dancing

To close another year of Nisei Week, Ondo street dancing will be held at 5 p.m. on Little Tokyo’s First Street. The public is encouraged to join in this Japanese street dancing ritual. Nisei Week activities will be held in various locations throughout Little Tokyo, including the JACCC at 244 S. San Pedro Street. Pre-Ondo taiko will be start at 4:30 p.m.
Both weekends feature live entertainment, food and fun for the entire family. Take part and experience one of LA’s premier summer cultural events.

Taiko Closing © Marc Amba

Visit for additional information.
Visit the Nisei Week website for parking info.

Little Tokyo MAP

JapanUp magazine’s Best Shop List

1st Street


map 5 | Ramen | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Daikokuya’s authentic tonkotsu pork ramen is famous for its creamy-colored, mellow, flavorful soup. You will instantly fall in love with their ramen. Don’t forget to enjoy their jaw-dropping kurobuta chashu pork and homemade gyoza dumplings, too.

(213) 626-1680 | 327 E.1st St. |


map 8 | Asian Fusion Gastropub | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

The world-famous bar serving American-Asian fusion food, with American and Japanese craft beers, whiskey, craft cocktails, and more! New dishes now being added to the menu. Enjoy the fancy outdoor dining space.

(213) 617-9990 | 347 E. 1st St. |


map 3 | Confectioneries | ToGo

For three generations, Fugetsu-Do confectionery has been selling handmade mochi sticky rice that is fresh, soft, and chewy. They specialize in both traditional and contemporary mochi that can be used for any occasion – from holiday sweets to toppings on frozen yogurts.

(213) 625-8595 | 315 E.1st St. |

Hachioji Craft Ramen

map 2 | Ramen | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

The nostalgic taste of Tokyo Hachioji-style chicken shoyu ramen at Little Tokyo. Traditional medium-thin noodles, the texture of the chopped onions, and the aroma of the seasoned oil all blend perfectly to enhance the sweetness and incredible taste.

(213) 265-7799 | 313 E.1st St. |


map 4 | Full Bar, Karaoke | Dine-in

Ohjah is a karaoke and bar lounge located on the 2nd floor of Miyako Hotel. Karaoke selections are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Spanish. You can relax and enjoy an at-home atmosphere and Japanese hospitality. You will love their wide selections of drinks from the full bar.

(213) 617-7839 | 328 E.1st St. |

Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe DTLA

map 4 | Bakery and Cefe | Dine-in, ToGo

Okayama Kobo located in Miyako Hotel serves handmade breads and pastries using 100% Hokkaido flour, additive / preservative free dough, and baked fresh! Also their coffee is certified organic, fairly traded, and ethically sourced.

(213) 513-4282 | 328 E. 1st St. |

Mr. Ramen

map 7 | Ramen | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Serving healthy, delicious, nutritional food and striving to create a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience for customers. Their main specialties are Japanese, and all of the dishes are made with only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality to achieve the best flavors and presentation.

(213) 626-4252 | 341 1/2 E. 1st St.

Rakkan DTLA

map 9 | Full Bar, Karaoke | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Their ramen is made with a 100% plant-based broth, which brings out a tasty, simple yet distinct taste compared to any other ramen you might have had before. They also serve vegan ramen. Karaage, gyoza, and selections of vegan side dishes are also available.

(213) 680-4166 | 359 E.1st St. |


map 6 | Sake Bar, Sake, Tapas | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

The food is authentic Japanese-style with a modern culinary twist. The beverages consist of a large selection of craft Japanese sakes, whiskeys, and beers. When you enter SAKE DOJO, be prepared to immerse yourself in a dining and drinking sanctuary in the middle of Little Tokyo.

(213) 234-0957 | 333 E. 1st St. |

Takoyaki Tanota

map 10 | Takoyaki | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Takoyaki octopus balls specialty shop. Their takoyakis are puffy shell with creamy and soft inside. Flavorful batter made with egg, flour, their secret chicken broth, and more than 10 kinds of vegetables and fruits. Enjoy pairing Takoyaki and cocktail at the Takoyaki bar! 

(213) 626-0481 | 350 1st St. |


map 4 | Sushi | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Tamon is located on the 2nd floor of Miyako Hotel. They mainly offer delicious sushi and exquisite dishes for lunch & dinner. Season’s best ingredients are served. Many customers other than hotel guests also stop by for authentic taste of Tamon’s sushi.

(213) 617-7839 | 328 E.1st St. |

Central Avenue


map 12 | Ramen | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Shin-Sen-Gumi is the first authentic “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen” specialty restaurant in US. The bowl contains thin straight noodles with simple decorative toppings of cha-shu, chopped scallions, red colored ginger, and sesame seeds. Explore and create your own ramen!

(213) 687-7108 | 132 S.Central Ave. |

Judge John Aiso Street

Shiatsu Tokyo

map 1 | Japanese Shiatsu Massage

SHIATSU TOKYO has been accepting patients who are suffering from physical disorders and want to be treated through Japanese Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is considered a Japanese medical way of treatment. The technique avoids extra damage to the body and any muscle pain the next day.

(213) 625-8900 | 110 Judge John Aiso St.

Japanese Village Plaza

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

map 15 | Sushi | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Taste authentic Japanese sushi from Kura Sushi, located in Little Tokyo. All the dishes are free of artificial sweeteners, seasonings, preservatives, and colorings. Real, fresh, creative, and fun food at a reasonable price. To-Go and delivery orders are popular as well.

(213) 290-9631 | 333 E. 2nd St. |


map 11 | Sushi, Combination Plate | Dine-in, ToGo

Oomasa is a long-established Japanese sushi restaurant located next to the iconic Yagura fire tower. They serve wide variety of sushi selections. their customers’ favorites are seasonal assorted sushi and Chirashi (scatterd) sushi with a lot of fresh sashimi!

(213) 628-9048 | 100 Japanese Village Plaza |

T.O.T Teishokuya of Tokyo

map 14 | Combination Plate, Ramen, Cutlet | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Japanese food restaurant that has been loved by Little Tokyo locals for 28 years. The popular dish is their black-pork cutlet. A wide variety of menus, with their bowl, curry, ramen, and bento box. Meets every customers’ craving and appetite. Friendly servers will welcome all!

(213) 680-0344 | 345 E. 2nd St. |

2nd Street


map 17 | Udon | Dine-in, ToGo

AIZEN serves Tokushima-style udon noodles, which just opened in July. Noodles are customized in Tokushima style and served perfectly al dente. The soup is made without using chemical seasonings or additives. Enjoy udon in the beautiful blue Aizen (Indigo Dye) decorated interior.

(213) 278-0760 | 232 E. 2nd St. #B |


map 13 | Ramen | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Award winning Tonkotsu ramen straight from Hakata Japan! Also, selected for #1 Tonkotsu Ramen 2021 by Yahoo Japan! Ikkousha’s Tonkotsu ramen contains a lot of umami and collagen. Other than their original ramen, many creative and spicy ramen is also popular.

(213) 221-7920 | 368 E.2nd St. |


map 16 | Sushi | Dine-in, ToGo, Delivery

Ootoro serve artistically beautiful and delicious dishes with their freshest seafoods and wagyu beef directly imported from Japan. Enjoy delicious meal with a wide variety of top-shelf sake, wine, whiskey, and beers, all suited to perfectly complement your meal.

(213) 278-0056 | 232 E. 2nd St. #E |

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