Enter NOW for GIVEAWAY | “Germ Rice” Kirimochi (Rice Cake) from byFood

“Germ Rice” Kirimochi (Rice Cake) from byFood
for 5 winners!!!

“Germ Rice” Kirimochi (Rice Cake)


Producer: Koyanagi Farm
Made from 100% premium “Mochihikari” rice cultivated in Nagano Prefecture.

Nutritious rice cakes made with a healthy and delicious alternative to brown rice.

◆ GIVEAWAY entry due is Friday, November 25th, 2022.
◆ Please ensure that you have made arrangements to receive an email from web@japanup.jp for the winner’s announcement.

・The product will be shipped from Japan (byFood).
・The basic information that we would correct from the winners would be shared with byFood, and byFood may add you in their mailing list.
・JapanUp! Magazine  cannot be held responsible for any troubles regarding the product.

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