The Last Unicorn 40th Anniversary Art Exhibit

This past weekend I was invited to The Last Unicorn 40th Anniversary Art Exhibit. Art curator, film collector, and creative consultant Caro Buermann and her company Sweet Streets have partnered with The Last Unicorn to bring this beautiful art exhibit honoring the film held at the Corey Helford Gallery. The exhibit featured 70 internationally renowned contemporary artists inspired by the film, as well as never-before-seen original film production art. The exhibit also offered exclusive merchandise at their pop up shop which you can find here:

Standing in front of the super colorful art piece done by Australian artist Pip & Pop. 
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Artist Tanya Schultz works as Pip & Pop where she creates fun colorful eye candy installations and artworks from a range of materials. Her installation for The Last Unicorn was jaw dropping to see in person and up close. I kept getting drawn to it and took many pictures of the piece, around, and in front of. 

Tanya has exhibited her work in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, the UAE and the UK. 

This special art exhibit was announced at the The Last Unicorn screening at the Academy Museum that I also attended that you can read about here:

The Last Unicorn was animated by the same animators from Studio Ghibli who belonged to the company Topcraft at the time. The film was produced by Rankin/Bass which is an American company but all of the work was done in Japan.

One of my favorite art pieces inspired by the film at the exhibit is titled “Unicorn Solitude” which was done by artist Hikari Shimoda who is based in Nagano, Japan. Shimoda studied illustration at the Kyoto Saga University of Art and Aoyama Juku School before becoming a professional contemporary artist in 2008. Her art is inspired by manga and anime from her youth, which often depicts starry-eyed children in a very colorful and vibrant way.

Jewelry Designer ONCH 

I was very happy to see ONCH who is a Los Angeles based Artist / Designer creating beautiful pieces of wearable art jewelry. ONCH’s art jewelry for The Last Unicorn was so beautifully detailed and to see it in person, you can just feel the love that went into this piece. Onch was born in Taiwan and came to the United States in 2003 to pursue a degree in Graphic Design from the Art of Institute of California. ONCH has collaborated with many brands like Sanrio and My Little Pony. In addition to The Last Unicorn collaboration they are currently collaborating with Kewpie®. 

With friends Sandy Bear and Jen Masaoay

Another art piece I was in love with was made by Toronto-based artist Richard Ahnert who is known for taking anthropomorphic painting to a new level. One of my favorite characters in the film is the “pirate cat” and I really felt Richard brought the character to life. After looking around the whole exhibit I kept coming back to this beautiful painting. I could imagine the cat just walking out of the painting. The tail and chest on the pirate cat looked so soft. I continue to stare and wish that somehow the pirate cat would walk out and greet me. 

The highlight of the exhibit was the never before-seen original film production art. Seeing the sketches and cels from the movie up close in person was breathtaking. You can see how this film was the beginning for these artists that would continue on to make beautiful masterpieces for Studio Ghibli.

The Last Unicorn exhibit is open until January 21st and is a must see! Then it will be on its way to Japan where the exhibit will be located at Shibuya Parco Museum. 

Writer: Stephanie Yanez
Instagram @stephachu