【Recommend Restaurant】Ojiya(小千谷): Omurice

This week brings me to a new restaurant which I have not tried before, Ojiya Restaurant located at 21008 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA, 90503.

Due to COVID, the restaurant offers take-out and patio seating. Although it was chilly, there were heaters out to warm up the patrons seated outside.


Ojiya provides a large selection of food on its menu. Their menu included combination bento, meat dishes such as Berkshire Pork Cutlet, Karaage and Beef Tataki, noodles such as Nabeyaki Udon and Tonkotsu Ramen and fried dishes like Fried Mochi in Soup and Breaded-Fried Spanish Mackerel.


Despite the many choices on the menu, my friend and I had decided to choose omelet rice or omu-rice in Japanese. Omurice is a dish consisting of fried rice which is topped with a thin layer of egg making the dish a combination of omelet and fried rice. Ojiya offers omurice and my friend and I decided to take advantage of the variety of omurice offered which our waitress told us was a very popular dish at Ojiya.

I elected to eat the Takana Fried Rice with fluffy egg. My dish came with miso soup which is a must and was very hot making it a perfect starter to a chilly night. I also had the option to choose from several toppings to complement my Takana Fried Rice with fluffy egg which included Tonkatsu, Hire-Katsu, Chicken Katsu, Fried Chicken pieces,Crab Cream Croquette and NY Beef Steak. I chose to have the hire-katsu which is Pork Tender Loin Cutlet. My dish came with fried rice which was enveloped by a fluffy thin layer of egg and complemented by my choice of the Hire-Katsu. The dish was very delicious. The fried rice was mixed with seaweed and had a very delicate taste that perfectly complemented the egg. The egg was fluffy and soft making it a delicious topping. Furthermore the Hire-Katsu was an excellent side to pair with the egg and fried rice. The pork tenderloin was moist and tender on the inside while coated with a lightly fried layer on the outside.


I also ordered an appetizer, the chicken cartilage. The fried layering of the chicken made the appetizer nice and crunchy. The flesh was very soft and moist inside and the bone was soft making the dish a perfect appetizer.



My friend also ordered a Curry Rice (Chicken Broth Based) Omelet. Similar to the Takana Fried Rice, the egg appeared very delicate and soft on the top. The rice is fried rice with chicken mixed inside the egg omelet. It was topped with chicken katsu which had a beautiful friend coating and moist chicken underneath. There was also curry which seemed dark and beautifully textured and very rich.


If you are craving omelet rice, make your visit to Ojiya and you cannot go wrong with any of the omelet rice offered there!

Ojiya Restaurant: https://www.ojiyausa.com/


『Japanese Cuisine / Restaurant Guide』
Writer: Hector Hsu