Sailor Moon cookies from Bananabelle Brown at Okayama Kobo Bakery

I ate Sailor Moon cookies from Bananabelle Brown at Okayama Kobo Bakery!

Okayama Kobo is my favorite bakery to go to. It was founded in Japan in 1986. Their bread is handmade and baked fresh daily using 100% Hokkaido flour. If you love delicious bread with yummy pop ups like the Autumn one I went to this past weekend then Okayama is the place to be.

I was happy to see Rocky Yoneyama and Katie Lang of Okayama at the event, which featured cookie crafter and sugar purveyor Anabelle Brown and illustrators Audrey and Jon Okeya. The last time I saw Rocky and Katie was when I was the official MC and one of the Music Artist performers at their Taste of Japan event, which also happens to be one of the largest Japanese festivals in Orange County. It was great to experience this pop up.

I was very happy to meet illustrators Jon Kenzo and Audrey Okeya of Okeya Stationary Co. They draw Asian inspired whimsical worlds. They were both super cute just like their art that was adorned on stickers, buttons, and stationary.

Jon Kenzo: @kenzo_illustrations
Audrey Okeya: @audreyokeya

I really love their Kawaii bakery and curry pan cave stickers which definitely teleported me to a whimsical world while making me very hungry. Thank you so much Audrey and Jon for a bag of all your cute illustrations.

Safu Sake: @safusake

Safu Sake was also out at the pop up offering some samples for everyone attending. Dave Diep said the sake was smooth. I’m sure he felt like he was transported back to Japan while drinking their Sake.

Anabelle Brown: @bananabellebrown

I was super excited to meet Annabelle Brown of Bananabelle Brown. She is a cookie crafter and sugar purveyor based in Anaheim, California. After 5 years of working in professional kitchens as a head baker and manager of Honey & Butter and Frost Your Cookie she began baking more on her own in 2020. She offers themed sugar cookies and the theme today was Sailor Moon! You know I was ecstatic to try out the Sailor Moon cookies that I even wore a Sailor Moon shirt, Sailor Moon Vans, BoxLunch Sailor Moon backpack, with my hair in a Sailor Moon inspired style. I’m a huge fan of Sailor Moon and collector where I released my own 80s synth pop version of the Sailor Moon theme song with Japanese music artist misono and Spanish producer Sotui:

Thank you so much for the cute cookie box Annabelle. Her cookies are so yummy and the designs are so cute! I wanted to eat all of the cookies in one go. I know Sailor Moon would have.

It was such a delight talking with Annabelle about all the awesome things she is doing and will do. I definitely felt we were kindred spirits and can’t wait to see her again!

If you love Japanese bread and pop ups featuring Japan and Asian food, drinks, and merchandise you will want to follow Okayama Kobo and visit their official website for more to come!

Writer: Stephanie Yanez
Instagram @stephachu