After 10 Chaotic Years, YOSHIKI’s Music and His Way of Life Became a Ray of Light for the World

YOSHIKI is a composer, pianist, rock drummer, and the leader of Japanese rock bands X JAPAN and THE LAST ROCKSTARS. Consequence calls YOSHIKI “one of the most influential musicians and composers in Japanese history,” and Billboard says he is “a musical innovator.”

In this interview, we asked him how he continues to take on challenges at a time when hope is hard to see.

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Here’s What You Should Do at Anime Expo 2023!

JULY 1-4, 2023 Los Angeles Convention Center Are you ready for Anime Expo 2023? Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga convention in North America! It will come back on July 1-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.For over 30 years, Anime Expo has been the place where the anime community, industry, artists, and anime fans come together to celebrate anime and Japanese culture. It will bring an even more euphoric atmosphere to an already extraordinary energy. What adventures await you at Anime Expo 2023… Here’s what you need to know! Anime Expo 2022 sold out all the…

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