OCHIKERON Recipe: Chicken Nanban

MARCH 2022 (vol. 173)

Chicken Nanban

Fried chicken soaked in sweet and sour Nanban sauce topped with tasty tartar egg sauce.

Originated in Kyushu island Miyazaki prefecture, it is a popular home-cooked meal nationwide nowadays.


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20min

Number of servings: 4 servings


* 2 chicken thigh or breast with no skin (about 1.2lb)
* deep frying oil
l* ettuce
* tomato wedges
* cucumber slices

Tartar Sauce
* 2 chopped boiled eggs
* 1/8(0.8oz) chopped onion
* 3 tbsp. mayonnaise
* 1 tbsp. milk
* 1 tsp. lemon juice
* salt and pepper
* parsley flakes

* flour
* 1 egg

Nanban Sauce
* 2 tbsp. rice vinegar
* 2 tbsp. soy sauce
* 2 tbsp. sugar


1. Mix Tartar sauce ingredients put in the fridge if you prefer it cold.

2. Chicken breast, make incision in the center and open it up being careful not to cut through. Season with salt and pepper and dust with flour. 

3. Put 1/2 inch oil in a frying pan. Dip the chicken in beaten egg. Deep fry in oil on medium for 5 minutes. Flip the chicken over then deep fry on high for 3 minutes until crisp golden brown. Remove from the oil and drain well.

4. Clean the frying pan, place the ingredients for Nanban sauce and bring to a boil. Coat the fried chicken in the sauce.

5. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces. Place the chicken on lettuce, garnish with tomato and cucumber, drizzle with leftover Nanban Sauce, then drizzle with tartar sauce to finish.